About Us

Who we are

Change Business Kenya limited is a social enterprise that addresses food security, ecological imbalance by providing solutions on healthy food production, afforestation and soil conservation within the communities.

What we do

Change business Kenya offers solutions to farmers whilst addressing ecological concerns such as Soil conservation and Afforestation,food and nutritional concerns:- Food Storage and Seed curing Facilities and agribusiness solutions through e-commerce platform. We work with these farmers in their registered self help groups that constitute 15 families of an average household of 10 people. In these counties we have 10 and 5 groups respectively. Our other area of operation is Ilbisil in Kajiado County where we have pastoralists divide into 12 groups of 15 families with a household capacity of about 20 people due to their polygamous nature.

Organizational Goals

  • Encouraging local farmers to form small cooperative groups and mobilize support to enhance productivity.
  • To facilitate and support farmers access tailor made farming products from financial institutions we partner with. 
  • Linking farmers’ organic produce to consumers through an e-commerce platform and farm produce outlets.
  • Equip,train and help farmers transition to organic food production.
  • Enabling local farmers ledger the production process from the point of production to the point of sale through the blockchain system

Our Pillars

  • Transition to Organic Farming
  • Infrastructure development
  • Cooperative groups
  • Ecological Balance
  • Irrigation Systems

Creating Value Chain and Market Linkages

Change Business Kenya works hand in hand with farmers from the beginning of production to distribution by providinging a platform which facilitates information flow and business transactions benefiting the farmer by adding value to their produce economically.